Wednesday, September 8, 2021

A Drive on a Rickety Cycle and Sufistic Thought by Shah M Ismail Rauf

This is a story/article written by my dear mamoo  Shah M Ismail  around 1953-55. Today is his 22nd death anniversary. He retired as Major in 1980s. Great man who taught me how to love and play with children.
Father of Faizan Shah, Faryal Osman Khan, Faraz Shah, Fariha Ahmreen, Farid Shah.
Rauf Mamoo of the the entire family. Humaira Tariq, Sm Omar, Rabia T Zeeshan,.....
He was our companion in Hajj of 1996. What a great memorable 40 days. 
May Allah give him the best of abodes in the hereafter. Aameen

A huge effort sorting, numbering, compiling, organizing, dating, protecting, cataloging, scanning, transcribing, editing,... is in progress.

 I have letters from SM Ismail and his siblings dating back to 1949. Letters from Rauf Mamoo's mother's sister Ayesha Faridy, from his father SM Ibrahim who died in January 1951, from his nana Shah Ab Shakoor Faridy. Sufistic poetry from Shah Ab Shakoor Faridy and deewan of handwritten poetry of Shah Ab Shakoor Faridy's father Shah Ab Ghafoor. Rauf Mamoo's, Sardar Mamoo's, Rais Khala's letters informing about the death of Shah Mujeeb Ur Rehman in 1978 and very emotional description of his last few days.
Documents/diary relating to award of khilafat to SM Faridur Rehman (in 1940s) and to SM Ismail from SM Ab Shakoor Faridy ( in around 1950s?).  Did you notice the sufistic discourse in this article? 
And of course relating to struggle of siblings establishing themselves from nothing. after leaving everything behind and coming to pakistan after partition with zero resources. And then gradually establishing bit by bit, slowly, gradually, painstakingly with mutual love and then marriages and children. 70 years later the children are well settled and comfortable. Saga of Great sacrifices.

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