Friday, May 1, 2015

Rememberance of the Loved Ones and Life

Our love for the father gives us support for every day of our lives for a long time even after they have gone for years.

1928-30(?)  Matriculation of my father Ahsan Hyder:
From L-R:
Sitting: Syed Ikram Hyder(great-grandfather), 
Syed Ab Ghani Hyder (grandfather)
Standing: Sultan Hyder (Rummi)-Rasheed Hyder-
Ahsan Hyder-Zaheer Hyder-Jarrar Hyder
Prof Dr Zaeem Jaffery of LUMS, who left this world a few years ago, surprised me when he told me in 2000-01 that his father (Syed Hasan Jaffery) passed away six years earlier, and not a day passes when he does not remember him. I could not comprehend the enormity of this till I lost my father (Ahsan Hyder) in 2004.
It has been 11 years now and not a day passes that I do not remember him. Initially this rememberance was accompanied by a pang in my heart and a lump in my throat. However, now this rememberance is more mellowed and contains warmth, softness and support.