Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Tale of Two Live Performances of Pastoral- 6th Symphony of Beethoven and My Musical Journey

Here I recall the two experiences of my life while attending two live performance of Beethoven's 6th Symphony, "Pastoral" and how they stimulated my love for Beethoven and classical music. The two experiences are spread apart by nearly thirty years. First was at UT Austin's Bates Recital Hall in 1989 conducted by Louis Lane and the second was at the Hong Kong's Cultural Center Concert Hall conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy in 2018, and this is a tale of my musical journey with Pastoral.
Louis Lane, Director Orchestra atThe University of Texas at Austin from 1989-92

Monday, May 28, 2018

Metro Transport Infrastructure of Hong Kong and Detractors of Metro for Pakistan

I just returned from Hong Kong. I was astounded to see the metro bus-train infrastructure and roads infrastructure with elevated expressways and flyovers constructed not only in city areas but also on sea and between islands. There are over 15000 buses plying on over 500 routes. Crisscrossing the islands were 11 train lines with such heavy use. I often saw several routes buses on the same bus stop. Not to speak of was the ferry service between the islands. There is no need for residents to own cars living in the congested city areas.

Metro Buses and Trains vs Health and Education-Tryanny of OR

Why can't we come out from the tyranny of "or"?
It should not be either metro "or" health/education. It should be metro train/bus "and" health/education. 
As admirably explained in Malcolm Gladwell's book "Built to Last", issues should not be cast as "either-or". Great leaders learn the power of "and" !
It is not either quality "or" cost. It is both quality "and" cost.

A Tale of Two Operations- 1999 Kargil Operation and 1965 Operation Gibraltar

1999 Kargil Op & 1965 Op Gibraltar: Two pompous dictators, two huge fiascos, two strategic miscalculations by dictator generals who live their early life saying only "yes-sir", and then live the remaining life only hearing and expecting nothing except "yes-sir".

Interestingly enough both of these clandestine operations had several common characteristics :
  1. Both were secret operations. Only a very small clique within GHQ knew about the op. 
  2. Both were brain child of a select few, know-all, be-all pompous dictatorial generals with delusion of grandeur. Led by pompous Gen Ayub n Gen Musharraf. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dictator Gen Musharraf as Bounty Hunter: Costs of Joining War on Terror

How Corruption is being Eliminated in Pakistan since 1950s: Corruption as a Ruse to Maintain Status Quo

Sustained Elimination of Corruption since 1950s. All thanks to CJPs and our patriotic forces:
The corruption was first eliminated in 1951 when Liaquat Ali Khan was terminated and then corruption was eliminated by removing Khwaja Nazimuddin in 1953.
Corruption was again eliminated in 1954 when the Molvi Tameezuddin assembly was dismissed. The patriotic elimination of corruption was then institutionalized in 1955 with Patriot Chief Justice Munir's Doctrine of Necessity (DoN) and its ratification of dissolution of assembly. Corruption was repeatedly eliminated by Patriot Gen Iskandar Mirza for as many as 4+ times from 1956-58 under the watchful eyes of Patriot-in-Chief, CJP Munir. Then came patriot Gen Ayub and imposed Martial Law to eliminate corruption again with the blessings of CJP Munir invoking the DoN. Corruption was then eliminated by Gen Ayub for 11 long years from 1958 to 1969. Then Gen Yahya Khan came in 1969 to eliminate corruption and eventually eliminated it with his blitzkrieg surgical removal and amputation of the corruption filled half on 16th December 1971. CJP's patriotic DoN again ratified Patriot Gen Yahya's corruption elimination rule.