Monday, April 27, 2020

Connection with Arabic through Quran Reading from "mushaf" in Taraveeh

I am having a wonderful experience reading the Qur'an in taraveeh with my sons. Yesterday we finished Tilkur Rusul. As Ramadan approached, I was wondering what I would do during the lock down and was loathing the impending discontinuance of the connection with Quran recitations during Taraveehs of Ramadan, which is a huge concern for many Muslims. Then this guidance helped me and the encouragement of my brother who is in USA.

Quran I am using has each para divided exactly into 20 page sides. Each page side ending at the ayah. Amazing experience. It took me some time to figure out the process. Of course first para is easy. It took nearly the same time as a regular taraveeh. One hour 15 minutes. It increases for days in which i recite paras with sections that i have not very frequently read lately. Especially those with more technical language related to rules of inheritance, talaq, zakat, and other stipulations. The dawa related sections with qasasul anbia are much easier. They are so many repetitions of the same constructs in Quran.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Long Term Costs of Presidential System in Pakistan that Need to be Computed

Our penchant and love for presidential systems, our mythical expectation of a strong leader, a saviour on horseback to come galloping and relieving us from our faltering steps has resulted in the following during our over 35 years quest: Three arbitrary selections that establishment now consider corrupt, three separatist movements, three rigged elections, three selections arbitrarily branded as traitors, insane plunge into three US’ Wars leading to long term disastrous implications, and three totally avoidable wars with India (as per Air Marshal Asghar Khan).
صدارتی نظام کے فوائد: امریکہ کی 3 جنگوں میں شرکت، انڈیا سے 3 جنگیں، 3 دھاندلی کے ریفرنڈم/انتخابات، 3 صوبائی علیحدگی تحریکیں، تین ایسے پولیٹیکل لیڈرز کی سلیکشن جن کو بعد میں خود سیلیکٹرز ہی کرپٹ اور غدار کہتے ہیں اور تین تین مشہور غدار
[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Assumptions of Conventional Exam vs Assumptions of LMS Based Online Exam

What are the underlying assumptions and presuppositions of conventional examinations and how do they differ from their counterpart assumptions and presuppositions of the LMS based Online Exams especially those conducted in asynchronous mode. The differences are explained below:

Why There are so Many Assignments on the LMS

A reply sent to the student who was complaining about excessive assignments. 

An assignment in each session is typically given by a faculty member for the benefit of students. Assignments provide opportunity to students to get their attendance for a class session because students can not be "forced" to "attend" the "synchronous" class session on zoom/Meet/Teams because of the "connectivity issues" (internet, power, equipment issues).

Furthermore, teachers expect that students come to the class session prepared with assigned course material for that student as given in the outline. Evaluation of class participation in physical classrooms typically points out those students to the teacher who are coming to the class prepared. As a "synchronous" class session attendance of students can not be guaranteed, therefore the assignment provides the students with the opportunity to impress their class teacher about their preparation and that they are engaged and connected during a class.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Case Study of PKLI: How a Fine Initiative was Destroyed by Saqib Nisar, the Economic Hitman of Pakistan

With this treatment of Dr Saeed Akhtar and the treatment that they highly qualified professionals brought to Pakistan from their plush careers from abroad, no sane expatriate Pakistani will ever think of coming back to Pakistan to serve the country. This was the severest form of shock therapy from the Economic Hitman of Pakistan

[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]

Which Option You should Choose: Pass-Fail or Letter Grade

This post describes when to use a pass-fail option and when not to use the pass-fail option. It gives you scenarios in which to select what.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sentiments of Families Split Apart by Partition Expressed in a Beautiful Poem by Fatimah Khatoon

اباجان [سید عبدالغنی حیدر] کے ہندوستان واپس جانے پر آپا فاطمہ خاتون نے یہ نظم کہی تھی۔ ۱۹۵۱ [میرے والد احسان حیدر کا نوٹ]

بھارت  کو  جانے  والے  ،  بھارت  کو  چاہنے  والے 
حافظ  خدا  تمہارا،  مالک  کے  تم  حوالے
ہندوستان  تمہارا، گھر  تھا  کبھی  ہمارا
ہم  اُس  کو  چھوڑ  آئے  ،لے  کے  نیا  سہارا
تم  کو  وطن  تمہارا  ، ہے  اِس  چمن  سے  پیارا
روکے  نہ  ر  رک  سکے  تم  ،جب  دیس  نے  پکارا
اِس  دیس  کی  کشش  سے
میرا  سلام  کہنا  ،میرا  سلام  کہنا

Friday, April 10, 2020

Understanding the Four Critical Stages of LMS Technology Assimilation- A Case Study of a Pakistani University

At IoBM, we crashed into the use of LMS at a breakneck speed. However, our assimilation of LMS (Learning Management System) which is just another technology is following the well known critical stages of assimilation of technology [1]. We had started our implementation in Fall 2019 and by the time the lockdown happened we had around 50 faculty members who were using the LMS. However, the lockdown propelled us into cramping the 2-3 year roll out of the LMS implementation project into a 5 day roller coaster crash implementation. The adoption of technology happened vigorously and soon everyone was using Zoom and LMS. However, the stage of rapid growth appears to be barging into a saturation stage where the initial euphoria of early adopters and vigorous users of technology is transiting into a stage of fatigue and disillusionment. I can see many vigorous early adopters facing this. This post describes these stages in detail, and how to use this in your LMS dissemination strategy.  Individual emergencies and issues that were dealt with in going from 70 sections using LMS to 500 sections using LMS in 15 days, and adding another 430 sections in the next ten days. These will be part of another case study. This post is written for our faculty who are already aware with the happenings of the issues at IoBM, their resolution and the future plan of action.

The assimilation of technology is often described by a technology assimilation curve or the "S-Curve" which is also known as the Sigmoid Curve. See Figure 1 :
Learning S-Curve: Learning going from Growth to Maturity Phase. Adapted from [2]