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Faulty BISP Beneficiaries Analysis. Use of Proxies in Data Analytics

Faulty assumptions of BISP research led to faulty conclusions:
We must need to question the faulty research assumptions of BISP Benazir Support Program Research Study that is being promoted on social media without requisite critical analysis. Over 8lac people have been identified that are being classified as "rich"  without the necessary and rigorous research methodology and analysis. The research has used some raw data plucked from random sources without rigorous analysis, validation and triangulation of the data. 

The use of data analytics,  however,  is a good beginning and like all tools need to be used with care and proper training. This is a good case study of faulty research assumptions for MPhil/PhD researchers that often lead to faulty conclusions:. 
بے نظیر پروگرام ریسرچ مفروضہ-1:
کیا NADRA کے ایگزیکٹو سنٹرز سے cnic بنوانے والے سارے امیر لوگ ہوتے ہیں؟ کیا آپ نے وہاں مزدور نہیں دیکھے؟ کیا غرہب، بیمار اور بوڑھے لوگ لمبی خواری سے بچنے کیلئے ایگزیکٹو سنٹرز نہیں جاتے؟ 

بے نظیر پروگرام ریسرچ مفروضہ-2:
کیابیرون ملک سفر کرنے والے غریب مزدور نہیں ہوتے؟ کیا واپس آنے والے سارے مزدور امیر ہو جاتے ہیں؟ کیا آپ نے ان کے استحصال کی دلخراش کہانیاں نہیں سنیں! جن سے وہاں بیگار میں سالوں کام کروایا گیا؟  میں کئی لوگوں سے ملا ہوں جو کئ سال بعد واپس آئے ہیں یا واپس بھیج دئیے گئے ہیں، اور اب اپنی ذندگی دوبارہ شروع کر رہے ہیں- کچھ ساز و سامان انہوں نے اچھے وقتوں میں خرید لیا مگر بدلے ہوئے حالات میں کرائے کی ٹیکسی چلا رہے ہیں-

بے نظیر پروگرام ریسرچ مفروضہ-3:
کیا ہر موٹر سائیکل خریدنے والا امیر ہوتا ہے؟ کیا موٹر سائیکل خریدنے والے مزدور یا فوڈ ڈلیوری والے نہیں ہوتے؟ کیا موٹر سائیکل 2ہزار روپے مہینہ قسط پر نہیں ملتی تھی؟ کئ لوگوں سے ملا ہوں جنہوں نے کسی طرح موٹر سائیکل خرید لی ہے اور اب اس کے زریعے معاش تلاش کر رہے ہیں- آج کل موٹر سائیکل ٹھیلے کی جگہ بن گئ ہے-
Do you think that all Food panda/Bykea riders are rich? Do you think all taxi-drivers/rickshaw drivers are rich? Do you know what is the daily rent that a yellow cab driver pays to the owner of the yellow cab/rickshaw? Do you think the Uber driver who drives professionally is rich? Many of them may have brought the car/bike on installments. 

There can be similar critique of other parameters selected in this study:

The collected data is known as proxy data. Please ask any econometric and social science researcher how this data needs to be qualified with other demographic data before it could be gainfully used to pluck out those unworthy of government support. 

This measure indicates also that it is deriving Sadistic Pleasure from stopping the paltry amount of 1500-2000 rupees being disbursed to over 8lac people. Just see the ridiculousness and shameful irony:
بے نظیر انکم پروگرام سے ملنے والی دو ہزار روپے ماہانہ کی "خطیر" رقم پر "عیاشی" کرنے والے لاکھوں  لوگوں کا ناطقہ بند کر کے حکومت اب بیرونی قرضوں پر لات مارے گی، موج اڑائے گی

What a shameful sadism. 

Dr Irfan Hyder

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What Economic and Political Circumstances Led to Secession of East Pakistan

 [To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]

Pakistani Decision Makers should have their Skin in the Game

[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]

A Jog Down the Memory Lane

A Jog down the memory lane

Yesterday I took a stroll down the fields on the farm in Tumair. Moving from the small cozy cottage on the east side of the farm land towards the north-west corner where the work was in progress to build a water reservoir. This is barani land, where people have been growing crops such as corn and wheat for ages. These crops only require the seasonal rain pattern. As the farm lodgings begin to take shape we are still groping for a water solution. Without water, landscaping and growing of the plants we want is difficult. Although, rain in Islamabad is plentiful, the water needs to be stored in reservoirs. [2007-04-28]

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How I learned the Craft of Book Binding

I learned book binding جلد بندی from my relative Ehtisham Haider Chacha (منّو چچا) . I went with him to Raja Bazar, Rawalpindi  in 1975-76 when I was in 8th class and living in Islamabad. He helped me buy the needle, thick thread, and glossy paper sheet, scissors etc. He then taught me how to prepare home made glue (میدہ کی لئی ), make holes in the book, thread the book with needle, attach thick card from used  hard binding of copies,  tie it to the thread, cut it, put the spine cloth, glue it and paste the glossy paper. I used this skill to bind hundreds of books in my home collection. I still have a few of those bound books with me. Unfortunately I could not get the opportunity to graduate to the finer art of جزو بندی which is a more involved craft requiring sewing with fine thread different parts (جزو)  of the book.
See the sewing of one of the binding that is exposed of this book

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Where to Download Books for Free and Legally

45 places you can download tens of thousands books, plays and other literary texts completely legally for free


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Dismissals of Civilian Prime Ministers in Pakistan by DoN Doctrine of Necessity Godfathers

[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]
Doctrine of Necessity (DoN) sword had been used to repeatedly dismiss civilian prime ministers of Pakistan prematurely, since 1950s. The DoN godfathers have played the role of 1st umpire, 2nd umpire and 3rd umpire interchangeably in ensuring that the civilian prime ministers are never able to complete their terms peacefully. These dismissals have now been documented in several places such as History of Judiciary of Pakistan and also in books by several generals.  
The objective of neocolonialism is to keep the third world countries perpetually in ICU so that they are never able to challenge their hegemony and remain a pliant consumer of their produce. None of the third world countries especially the Muslim Countries have been able to establish strong democratic credentials that can help them serve their people. Today's Pakistan is now totally subservient to IMF/World Bank and their tool FATF and once again in the service of its neocolonialism masters.
Judiciary (J), Bureaucracy (B), Establishment(E) taking turns as 1st, 2nd , 3rd Umpire for keeping Pakistan perpetually in ICU.

References (Being Updated): 

Dismissed PMs
1st Umpire
2nd Umpire
3rd Umpire

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

How to Build Confidence in Children: Climbing the Trees and Getting out of a Hole

This must be around 1965-66. I am around 4-5 playing in my next door neighbor's house with my friend Umair, and somehow I had managed to climb up a large shahtoot (mulbery) tree in their courtyard. I could still feel my exhilaration that I felt as I went up and up from one branch to another. We have not yet started going to school and it was morning time before noon. Umair's mother was in the kitchen. Other siblings have gone to school....

We were living in 57/2 Wavell Lines, right in front of the Chaklala Railway Station. This was where I was born in 1962 and spent my early years. These were old British era barracks which were used as temporary accommodations for government servants waiting for the new construction in Islamabad. My father was in government service and had moved in to this Chaklala barrack home from Karachi, when the capital had shifted to Islamabad in 1960-61. Each barrack block had been converted into three separate units for family accommodations with three rooms each, with a veranda, kitchen and bathroom. There were only trees and empty ground between the railway station and the barracks where we were. Now this area has all been encroached.
Front side of Wavell Lines Barracks 50 years later in 2011.
These barracks were torn down in 2017-18

Friday, October 11, 2019

Covey's First Habit Advice to Proponents of Corruption Eradication First

Stephen Covey's first habit advice to anti-corruption proponents:
First habit of highly successful people states that focusing on circle of concern is counter productive. Instead focusing on your circle of Influence will cause it to expand, and this expansion will eventually take care of your concerns. "Process Efficiency" is in your circle of Influence and "corruption" is in your circle of Concern.

It is not corruption but incompetence and inefficiency that is the fundamental problem of third world countries

Had corruption been the cause of our problems, then IK's "clean" govt's anti-corruption drive should have been showing better results. IK's "clean" govt has falsified the hypothesis that Pakistan's plight is because of corruption! It is the inefficiency and incompetence, stupids! Incompetence, not corruption, is responsible for our woes and problem.
[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]

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Be Sensitive While Paying for Pizza (expensive meal) through a Domestic Worker

Did you order pizza (or an expensive meal) and asked your door man (ملازم،چوکیدار) to pay the bill which ran into thousands (typically Rs 3000 or even much more) to  the home-delivery rider? Did you realize that you sent a message to your چوکیدار that you are willing to spend one half or one third the amount of his 30 days day-night salary on a single time meal? This door man's salary is a subsistence for his 4-6 member family surviving somewhere in the interior.

I beseech all my friends to curtail and bridle your extravagance, show-off at every level, especially in front of the have-nots. The dwindling economy, rising prices, increasing unemployment is creating unrest and discontent that is projected to increase for at least the next 3 years. With millions getting unemployed,  we are now sitting on a power keg which is ready to explode.

I am not saying that you don't enjoy pizza or an expensive meal. I am simply saying that you make the payments for pizza without involving the door man (چوکیدار یا ملازم). The door man will feel bad that you are consuming in one meal that which he earns in ten days of day and night work or half of his salary, or some times even full salary. Or do share a slice or two of the pizza with him.

You must create a share of at least one have-not in every meal you have,  or you don't make ostentatious display of your consumption. Be sensitive to the feelings of the havenots.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Strategic Issues for Universities in Pakistan

During a strategic management meeting on last Sunday (29th September, 2019), a leading industrial group chairman gave the following advice to the higher management of the universities:

The future outlook is bleak. Don't expect any investment or industrialization during the next 3 years. We are in the process of investing about Rs 4 billion in an industrial venture in collaboration with a foreign concern in Malaysia. The cost of investment rose from Rs 4 Billion to Rs 7 billion driving out all our projections of the feasibility. Forget about any FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) coming in. The unemployment is going to increase and the jobs available for graduates is going to decrease substantially. Hence the only option is to focus on entrepreneurship.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Javier Poncela-Professor from Malaga Spain who Taught us Selfless International Collaboration

Very sad. It was very sad to learn that Dr. Javier Poncela, a Professor at the University of Malaga, Spain had passed away. Dr Poncela was a well known personality in the electrical engineering departments of the universities of Sindh. He became a popular academician in Pakistani community and was routinely invited for the conferences in Pakistan and he too invited and hosted several professors and students in conferences in Spain. He supervised numerous PhD and MS Pakistani students in Pakistan and at Spain. He had played a pivotal role in many European Union Projects in Pakistan including Erasmus Mundus.

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Only an Idiot does not take a U-Turn- Proud to be the Prime Minister of U-Turns

"I am proud to be the Prime Minister of U-Turns. Only an idiot does not take a U-Turn."
He has the audacity, impertinence and insensitivity to say this in Moharram when everyone takes inspiration from Hazrat Hussain who sacrificed his life and every thing but did not take the U-Turn offered by Yazid.

IK is the person who said "only an idiot does not take a U-Turn" during Moharram. By saying this he eulogozed Gen Niazi and slandered the sacrifices of Major Raja Aziz Bhatti, Maj Tufail, Rashid Minhas and other shaheeds who did not take a U-Turn and gave their lives. He slandered Hazrat Imam Husain's sacrifice too.

(Irfan Hyder Sep 16, 2019, 7:55 PM)


  • An Endless Debate:

Ghotki Rampage and Crowds Clamoring for the Head of 5000

Ghotki rampage occurs when government supporters encourage harassment and lawlessness. What do u expect from PTI juveniles who promote street killing of thousands on suspicion without trial, due process of law! During the run up to elections and till a few months ago. The pumped up juvenile brigade of the لونڈے، لپاڑے were vociferously promoting hanging and shooting of 5000 on mere suspicion of corruption without due process of law and without trial or charge or verdict from the courts. This has developed the mentality of rioting, vandalism, violence that we saw in the crowds on rampage in Ghotki. In this post I am talking about the mentality of street violence promoted by the likes of loud mouthed Faisal Vawda, Murad Saeed and others including our prime minister IK.

Supported by such frenzied and pumped up brigade, NAB went on a rampage incarcerating and imprisoning hundreds without trial, without charge, without due process of law, without considering constitutional rights of article 10A. They have shackled professors, not sparing even vice chancellors, some have even died in custody without trial.

The country is being ruled by CJPs since 1950s who have been godfathers of Doctrine of Necessity (DoN) another name of "might is right". Our current CJP and his "Conjoined twin" ex CJP Saqib Nisar as well as CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry and several others were DoN PCO godfathers. They legalized breaking of law and constitution by dictators at the altar of "might is right" DoN Doctrine which states "Necessity makes lawful that which is unlawful"! The most illustrious of CJP’s was Justice Munir who became the original DoN godfather in 1954-55 judgment.

Irfan Hyder updated his status.Sep 17, 2019, 5:10 AM

Work In Process

Examples of How Children Fail

In "How Children Fail", the acclaimed author John Holt describes how children stop using their mind, and fail. It is quite evident from the example pic below that the child was using his mind. Unfortunately, the teacher was grading "mindlessly" from the key that he had. This example is not an isolated case. There are scores of examples in the book and of various subjects where this occurs. With these kinds of wrong answers to wrongly phrased/formatted questions, the child learns that it is dangerous to use his mind. It is much better to be solving the problems "mindlessly" to get good grades, instead of "mindful application" which can often result in wrong answers. There are just too many students' papers to check by the teacher, and too many questions in each paper to give space to the teacher to drill down into the thinking of each child for each answer to see whether the logic in child's mind was correct or not. Too many failures like this and child stops thinking, and starts resorting to mindless application of formulae which also results in random grades. The child realizes that whether I use my mind or not, my grades are random. It is dangerous to use my mind, the child concludes. This is "How Children Fail" and we see so many people around us proudly proclaiming "I hate maths".

Historical Metaphors and Our Personality

عصائے کلیمی، رسم شبیری، جادو سامری، رسم سلمان و اویس قرنی، در خیبر، کار خلیلی، بحر ظلمات میں گھوڑے، لیلی' بھی ہم نشیں، پیچ و تاب رازی، غزنوی کی تڑپ، زلف ایاز، طرابلس کے شہید، سوز و ساز رومی، لالہ صحرائی، عطار ہو رومی ہو رازی ہو غزالی ہو، مدار قوت حیدری، وہ غازی وہ تیرے پراسرار بندے، قتل حسین، مرگ یزید، بدر و حنین، آب رود گنگا، حور و قصور، آتش نمرود، ساقی کوثر، .........
Can you feel the resonance of these metaphors in your heart?
Those who forget history, are forgotten by history!

Psychology of Sweeping Generalizations:

Sweeping generalizations are typically false. None, All, Never, Ever are words that indicate tendency for over simplification. Example, all politicians are crooks, all men are untrustworthy, all women are weak, all scots are miserly, etc. For most such assertions especially relating to people and social sciences, it is often easy to find an exception that will negate the assertion. This in psychology is also known as "global thinking" that is considered to be a major determinant of depressive behaviors. 

کیا سب چور ہیں
اگر آپ کو ہر انسان غلط لگ رہا ہے تو پھر یہ دیکھیں کہ کہیں آپ تو غلط نہیں

This is a basic principle. A person who is a habitual liar can not conceive of any one except being liar. 

جھوٹے کو سب جھوٹے لگتے ہیں، دھوکہ باز کو سب دھوکہ باز لگتے ہیں، وعدہ خلاف کو سب لوگ uTurn کرتے ہوئے نظر آتے ہیں, اور چور کو ساری عوام چور نظر آتی ہے

This is often the problem with sweeping generalizations. If someone claims that "everyone" is corrupt then:
  1. "Everyone' also includes him, and the person making the claim must by definition also be corrupt, that is the person admits to him being corrupt. 
  2. By the same token, we can also be sure that he knows well his father, mother, uncles, brothers, sisters, and other close relatives, and therefore this "everyone" also includes these close relatives and hence, we can be sure that he is calling all of them corrupt. 
  3. Not only that but the sweeping generalization also indicates the person's psychological state where his mind is corrupted to an extent that he can't find even a single person in the whole country (200million+) who is not corrupt! The latter is a more problematic psychological state. 
  4. I for one know for sure at least hundred people in my contacts who I can vouch for that they are not corrupt. I can actually present such people as a counter example and submit them to any type of scrutiny. 
  5. I am also sure that there are some very authentic people in this group who have a much larger contact circle and they can present thousands about whom the corrupt title can not be ascribed. 

Case Study of Economic Hitmen of 2018 Pakistan

[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]
DoN (Doctrine of Necessity) Godfather Saqib Nisar along with NAB and IMF led IK government as Economic Hitmen: Their witch hunt of greatly respected Dr Saeed Akhtar PKLIC, Dr Ismail Shah PTA, Dr Umar Saif PITB, Engr Imran Shaikh PSO and others represent very carefully selected targets to create a mass disillusionment of leading professionals in public and private sector with the objective of stultifying the fundamentals of infrastructure growth and maturity.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Myth of Science and Technology as Panacea for our Backwardness

The mythology that has been sold to the entire Muslim world and especially in Pakistan is that our backwardness is because of our backwardness in Science and Technology. Hence, S n T became the holy grail for progress and development. Everyone is willing to invest in Science and Technology, whether it has been Zia's government and Dr. Mahboob ul Haq's drive for S n T scholarships, or whether it is the political governments of the 90s or the Musharaff era (1999-2008) when Dr Ata ur Rahman was at the helm of S n T and HEC. Funds were lavished on S n T. The underlying assumption behind this myth was that the society would magically transform itself when we have x-thousand S n T PhDs; y-thousand professors with high impact factor; n-thousand Thompson Reuters IFJ publications and z-thousand state of the arts labs spread all over the country. After spending of hundreds of billions of tax payers money we find ourselves back to the starting point.

Covered Drains of Moenjodoro

Myth of Bigger Infrastructure Means Better Education

Myth: Bigger Infrastructure Means Better Education:
We were told that only high quality universities should be allowed to come up. Primary criteria for high quality was the size of the campus, covered area and other brick and mortar facilities. HEC, SHEC, PHEC, CIEC and their institutional proformas are replete with questions about the size of the campus, size of the offices for Deans, Faculty and other officials. They ask about playgrounds, auditorium, hostels etc. The conventional wisdom started suggesting the private sector universities starting in rented bungalows somehow will not be able to provide quality education. This argument was sold in spite of knowing about the history of many of our big universities now.

We all know how Aligarh University came up as MAO College in 1875. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan collected donations through the dancing girls that was much criticized at that time. Later in 1920s, the college became Aligarh Muslim University and eventually led the establishment of Pakistan.

We are told how Karachi University started its operations after the partition from the house of its first VC. A "taat" rag (from a sack) was used as a divider to separate the household from the office of the university. The university started with departments having no more than a couple of teachers.

More recently LUMS started in 1980s in a couple of rented bunglows and now boasts one of the more impressive campuses in the private sector spanning over hundred acres. There are so many examples in the private sector going through such transformations who had started their existence from humble beginnings.

FAST NU, UMT, MAJU, CUST and so many other universities all started from rented banglows.

A university is determined not by its buildings and infrastructure but by the commitment of its teachers and efficient and equitable processes.

This myth equates better quality with a ranking criteria that is biased towards the funding priorities of the donor commission. Actually the donor agencies would like to feel good about the funding that they are making and would like to justify their existence. There is a conflict of interest somewhere in such rankings.

They are purported to be quality ranking, but are actually "quantity" rankings because they are just counting the following:

– Bigger buildings (brick and mortar)
– More equipment
– More budget
– More faculty
– More numbers

The myth is perpetuated by measuring the input and not the output. Because the figures of the output are quite disturbing.

Hence, we see that neither the output nor the process being emphasized by the HEC Criteria for ranking. We would not find any of the following elements in the published ranking criteria:
– Processes
– Systems
– Culture
– Quality of graduates

For example, we still see many big universities inserting news items in the newspapers that they have announced the results! The fact that it becomes a news that the university has announced its results indicates that their processes are still in their infancy. For them announcing of admissions is also a news. Admissions and results announcements are not news, they are part of a process that should be automatic, predictable and scheduled events.

Our policy makers in Islamabad scramble for a foreign yatra whenever they get funds. Coming back from such trips they bring presents like GATT, WTO, Washington Accord or QS rankings to justify these visits. There may be some good ideas in there but the whole package should have been processed and thoroughly internalized through courage, time, effort and research to develop our own nationally relevant versions of such criteria. We talk about ISI research publications, but follow no such methodology in implementing such imported ideas. None of these systems before their promotion, implementation and adoption are passed through an impact factor ISI research that establishes their relevance to our context. We do not conduct any pilot studies, or study of the reliability and validity of the standards and criteria. We have seen how through WTO we were forced to let go of all the subsidies to our local market but when the time came for European nations and USA to let go of their subsidies, they dragged their feet and never did away with their own local subsidies. The result was that our whole economy got rocked in the process. However, when eventually those countries realized that they may have to do away with their nationally relevant subsidies they actually stifled the whole initiative and moved towards bilateral and multilateral agreements, jumping out of the WTO bandwagon that was designed to stifle the economies of the blind followers of the third world countries.

I suspect there is a clique of our intelligentsia in Islamabad that sits down, brainstorm and come up with a copy of some international system that will involve lots of money being spent, contracts being given, hardware being acquired and boxes being bought with only a cursory mention of the output generated through these investments.


This write-up is an extended rehash of the ideas presented in a talk on "Five Major Myths of Higher Education" made at the CIO Conference, March 2009 at Sheraton, Karachi. See another link

This is the 4th of the Five Major Myths of Higher Education in Pakistan:
  1. Our backwardness is because of science and technology 
  2. There is mushrooming of educational institutions in Pakistan 
  3. Public universities cost lower than private universities 
  4. Bigger infrastructure (land, building, equipment) means better education 
  5. Impact Factor research measures real impact

Traditions of Eid: Reflections of Past Eids and Future

This is a time to reflect on our traditions and culture of Eid. I am wondering how many of Pakistanis are still experiencing these. There are some disturbing posts on facebook and through some of my interactions that tell me that it is not only time to reflect but also to rekindle them through a sustained effort. Here I reflect on my life and learning over the last 55 years with many of these traditions


  1. Visit to graves of loved ones
  2. Visit to relatives esp elders
  3. Visits from younger relatives
  4. Ziafat for guests
  5. Giving of eidi to children
  6.  Use of perfume
  7. Wearing of good dresses
  8. Distribution of sweet dishes
  9. Preparation for EID prayers
  10. Going to an open ground for EID prayers
  11. Eid embrace with guests, relatives, neighbors
  12. Celebrating EID. Not just sleeping through the EID days
  13. Exchange of EID Mubarak cards/messages

See also:

My war hero of 1965 War: Major (R) Shah M Ismail at Chawinda Tank Battle.

My hero of 1965 War: Major (R) Shah M Ismail at Chawinda Tank Battle.
Rauf Mamoo (as known in the family) related to us of his experience at Chawinda battlefield in the 1965 India-Pakistan war.
Major Shah M Ismail

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Dr Salim Mehmud and my Brush with SUPARCO during the 1980s

I spent 6 months in SUPARCO in 1987 before resigning and leaving for US for PhD. They were trying to design for several years a signal-filter chip that was available for a few hundred rupees in Saddar. We had nothing to do in the Computer Department where I was working. The commute time from City to Factory in Somiani was about 1.5hrs. Vans will come and pick us up early in the morning before 6. We were pretty tired and sleepy as we reach the factory at around 7am. Often the department employees would spread the packing material and sleep in the corners behind computers in the chilled computer center. The enterprising among us would sit on Autocad and design fun machine diagrams such as Space Shuttle (only its drawing, not the technical construction). The higher management was busy in making indents for purchasing materials and equipment. Their interest appeared more to be in commissions than in the usage of equipment. One could see expensive equipment lying around rotting.  Ran typically as a bureaucratic organization, the objective of the top management was not to allow people to work. So everyone was doing nothing but looking busy. Chairman was Dr Salim Mehmud, who was at the helm of affairs for around a decade. I think his mandate was neither to do any thing nor allow any one to do anything. Once in early 1980s, much before joining SUPARCO, while I was still a student of engineering and was a regular member and visitor of American Center, Dr Salim Mehmud was invited as a guest speaker at American Center Science Club. After his presentation there, I asked him a question. The question was based on science articles by Mr Azeem Quidwai in Dawn that I used to read regularly. Around that time, I had read some articles about the satellite slots allotted to Pakistan, which if not utilized, would be lost. The question that I asked was given that there is only limited space available for geostationary satellites,  why Pakistan had not occupied the 3 spaces allotted to it. Pakistan had at that time already lost some allotted space or was about to lose some. He got angry at my question, and instead of replying effectively shut me down. At that time I was too young (around 21) to understand what was in the question that irritated him so much! It was much later that I realized the question was actually pointing out his key weakness. I recall we were left with only one last space in 1999-2000. I remember Mr  Salman Ansari, Advisor to Dr Ata Ur Rahman, managed to get a dying satellite moved to this space just to fill and occupy the space up till such time a worthy satellite could be acquired and moved into that slot.
Dr Salim Mehmud

DoN Quixote PCO CJP Saqib Nisar who godfathered Sancho Panza Imran Khan

DoN Quixote and his Sancho Panzas tilting at the windmills.
1: DoN Quixote tilting at the windmills, through the Sancho Panza 2018-2023. Fighting the enemy of states: poor street vendors, irregular shops, all sectors of economy, auto sector, energy sector, real state sector, and the tax chor 99% of Pakistan population, lower class, middle class, rich class, politicians... .

What Should New Students of a University Must Consider: Essentials of a University Education

Why Education and Why Higher Education

  • What is the Purpose of Education
  • What does it mean to be well educated and what is our mission
  • What is Higher Education
  • What is Impact can you create
  • What Impact on Society
  • What Impact on Industry and Economy
  • What should be your personal Impact 

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5 Challenges for Designing your Professional Lives

Faculty, Parents and my dear students:
As I look at your beaming faces full of hope and aspirations and great expectations of your future after four years of university life, I first invite you to try to soak in this environment of this marvelous infrastructure at IoBM. You are sitting in the building which is name after the founder president of this institute Mr Shahjehan S Karim who left for the hereafter two years ago. This campus, which is spread over 10 acres and consists of several buildings like this one, is a concrete realization of the dream of Mr Shahjehan S Karim, who envisioned IoBM to be one of the the leading institutions, nationally and internationally, renowned for its contribution to education and society. Please note that he envisioned this around 25 years ago in 1994, after he had retired from a long illustrious service with the government! Mind you, the age of 60 is the time when most think of retiring and folding up their lives with reading or writing. SSK starting a new professional endeavor and working vigorously into his 80s should be an inspiration for all of us. If he can envision such a grand project at 60 and bring it to realization over the next 20+ years, you can also dream big and work for its realization. You have much more time and energy, you are in your youthful late teens and early 20s. You are about to embark on your professional life. You too can create a similar vision and work for its realization over the rest of your life. As I say this, I am reminded of my start, some 40 years ago at NED in early 1980. For me those last 40 years have passed within a blink of an eye. I wish my professional education would have started with a concrete inspiration like this vision. But, as Mr Shehjehan S Karim's life tells us, it is never too late. [Sep 7, 2019 Orientation for Fall 2019 Intake at IoBM]

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Far From the Madding Crowd, Hardy and Me

Today I got off from the board meeting early and my flight was in the evening. I had a few hours to kill with nothing to do. I chanced upon a YouTube video snippet of Bathsheba Everdene and Sergeant Troy's sword scene of 2011 remake of Far From the Madding Crowd. I didn't like it at all, there was no mystery, no suspense and no thrill that I remember experiencing when I first watched the scene in the original 1967  British movie starring Julie Christie, Alan Bates, Peter Finch and Terrance Stamp. Knowing me, YouTube presented the Terrance Stamp interview recorded just before the remake. He had played Sergeant Troy in the 1967 BBC movie. The interview opened a flood of memories flashing across my mind of the various times of my life when i had seen the movie and the times that I have read the book. It brought to my mind my struggle to derive meanings of various scenes. My first viewing was at a time when I had limited understanding of what was happening as our exposure to the themes discussed in the book were not discussed openly in my time. The book itself dealt with these themes in a roundabout manner making it difficult for school boys to fathom. I first saw the movie around 1977. I started going through the various scenes being presented by YouTube and connecting them with my earlier stage. Terrance stamp was saying that the original 1967 team involved in the movie consisted of luminaries of British Film making and were the who-is who of the British cinema. He predicted that it would be really difficult for the remake to break the spell weaved by the original. How true was that:

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Forthright and Courageous Gentleman-Col Raza Kamal at KIET

Col (r) Raza Kamal from 17 Baluch (2 Sind). A thorough gentleman and a great colleague. His commitment and dedication as Director College of Management Sciences at PAF KIET was exemplary. I had a long 10+ years association as Dean n Vice president of PAF KIET with Col Raza Kamal. It started during KIET's initial years at Korangi Creek Base Campus. I had joined in Feb 2001 after leaving IBA. This time was about six months after KIET had moved to its PAF Base campus from its city campus location on Shahrah e Faisal. The campus had been vacated by CBM. KIET got the contract with PAF after after obtaining the charter. 

Col Raza had been with KIET since its inception in a Sindhi Muslim Society Banglow in 1997. When I joined PAF KIET, he was HoD of Management Science department. HoD Computer Science department was Mr Adnan Manzoor. A few months later there was a change in higher management and Air Commodore Khalid Husain took charge as the President from Mr Adnan Arabi. 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Dynamic Role of Abstract in Guiding the Flow of Writing of a PhD Dissertation

Abstract is the first thing in a dissertation that is read, and is often the last. A dissertation is at most read by 1.6 people from end to end, including the author [1]. PhD dissertation is written to enable a researcher to find all information necessary for replicating the results and understand the thesis. Hence, the detail. However, most readers are only interested in finding out a few items about the research which are typically provided in the abstract. These include the problem statement, thesis statement, contribution, and significance. Details of what a dissertation should contain has been amply documented elsewhere. In this post, I will discuss the role of abstract in guiding the flow of PhD Dissertation during its writing stage. 

Islamabad Think Tanks Running Out of Options

[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]
"Think-tanks" have yet again run out of options when IK exclaimed in the joint session of parliament:
ہم کیا کریں؟ کیا انڈیا سے جنگ شروع کر دیں؟
This indicates No "think", only "tanks"! It is pathetic that there are No out-of-the-box thinkers!

Is there a severe قحط الرجال and dearth of thinkers in scores of Islamabad "think-tanks"? Do these think tanks only consist of visionless ex career bureaucrats and ex generals whose distinctive qualification is often their career promotions based on a system that only rewards obeying orders diligently? What great distinguishing accomplishments of enterprising, creative, innovative breakthrough and out-of-the-box ideas in successful execution do they have in their testimonials?

They stand blinded, listless and clueless the same way they stood after 9-11 when threatened by US, and capitulating on a single call from Assistant in State Department.

  • اسلام آباد تھنک tanks میں قحط الرجال: 
    sycophants جن کو جنگ اور آدھ گھنٹے کے مظاہرے کے درمیان کوئی out-of-the-box اسٹریٹجی نہ سوجھی
  • PTI Think Tanks:
    معیشت میں 4 مرغیاں و 1 مرغا، کٹے سے شروع ہو کر IMF تک- اب diplomacy میں جنگ سے شروع ہو کر آدھ گھنٹہ مظاہرہ تک

Government Spending, Keynesian Economics and Pakistan's Economic Slide in 2018-19

This issue was the beginning of the start of destruction of economy. So many apparently sane people people lost it through his charisma.
We need to take a hard look at how criticism for the sake of criticism destroyed the "development" cycle of Pakistan's economy. Development expenditure on flyovers, metros, motorways etc increases the money circulation, which increases the disposable income of people, which increases the GDP, which increases the growth, which increases the tax/revenue collection of the government, which increases the "development" expenditure. This cycle was destroyed by IK and his uncouth advisors. This is macro economics 101. Take any first level textbook of economics and turn to chapter on Government Spending and growth. Grand Tabdeeli: For the first time in decades our debt is more than our GDP. A two pronged attack on economy (1) destroy GDP, (2) increase debt by the Economic Hitmen of IMF.

Imran Khan's Criteria of Fascism and Treatment of Opposition

[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]
Our Honorable Prime Minister Imran Khan in the recent joint session of Parliament on Kashmir's annexation by India, reminded the MNAs and Senators about Hitler's fascism and Nazi Party. He explained fascist governments are those that "drive opposition to the wall'. IK reminder comes as Déjà vu in the situation we confront. Thank you IK for reminding Pakistanis about Nazi Party's Germany: Hitler-Modi's Fascism: 1)Imprison all opposition, 2)Total censorship, 3) Dreaded SS & Gestapo agencies, 4) Forced disappearances:

Can I be a Bulwark against Criticism of People

Consider the posts like these running around on social media:
"If you're skinny, you need to gain weight.... If you're fat, you need to lose weight. If you smoke weed you're a druggie. If you drink, you’re an alcoholic. If you get dressed up, you are vain, If you dress down you've let yourself go. If you speak your mind, you are rude. If you don't say anything, you're snobbish. If you are sociable, you're a party animal. If you keep yourself to yourself, you’re detached. If you are young, you are immature, if you're old you're dispensable.

YOU can't do anything without being criticized. We live in a society where people can't survive if they're not judging the next person. Love me or hate me, but you will never change me. Get to know people before judging them. Let's build each other up. We are all doing the best we can, in the same game called life!!

If you're proud of who you are copy and paste this with a pic of you!!"

I saw this copied on a student's wall with her picture on Facebook. Here is the advice that I gave her:

This type of criticism exists in every culture and during every epoch and in every country. Nothing to worry about. Do what is right. Right and wrong comes not from people's comments or self centered-ness but from universal principles. Read Covey's Principles Centered Leadership. You need to have a pivot, a reference or a "center" of your life that will help you decide whether the criticism is right or wrong or irrelevant or a distraction. Our self-worth should not depend upon what people say or do to us. Our self-worth is independent of the people's likes or dislikes if we are principle centered. Problem is we often choose other "centers" of life that make us dependent upon people's opinions, likes and dislikes, and this exacerbates the problem as we are forever trying to please them. Following are some of the popular "centers" that people use to decide what is right and what is wrong for you: 
  • Some people design their lives around their parents as center (but they grow old and eventually leave this world). Right and wrong is determined by parental likes or dislikes. 
  • Some people design their lives around things as center; the latest fashion, the latest smart phone, the latest food/restaurant, the latest car model.... (the latest is always superceded by another better model/fashion). Here our self-identity becomes associated with the "thing". However, the moment we see someone having a better car, or mobile phone, or a house than others, we become depressed. Even if we get the best around, it becomes obsolete the moment it gets completed, because there is always another newer, better version about to be released. 
  • Some people design their lives around friend(s) as center (but soon their interests diverge, they move away, settle in another country). The friends determine what is right or wrong. 
  • Some people design their lives around their children as center (but soon they grow up, become independent, get married and move elsewhere). Children's adulations are transitory. They change with their independence. 
  • Some people design their life around their own self (self adoration, self beauty, self centeredness, aka narcissism, but, alas, we all grow old and wither away).
The secret of happiness is to design your life around "principles"__ universal principles, which never grow old or lose their value or importance. They are here since humans came on this planet. They transcend time, place, countries, people, race, religions, and of course our life! These are superior to all other potential contenders for centers. They will remain whether you shift your interests, move away, migrate, grow old, or die.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

I'm OK, You're Not OK: My Government is OK, Your Government is Not OK (Corrupt)

I am OK, You are not OK: I am (my government is) OK, you (opposition) are not OK (corrupt)
This refers to Harris' acclaimed book "I'm OK, You're OK" (psychology, self help to help people grow out of childhood into adulthood: 
It discusses the psychology of a child as it grows up to become an adult. The mental state of a person can be explained using these four states: (1) I'm OK, You're OK, (2) I'm OK, You're not OK, (3) I'm not OK, You're OK, and (4) I'm not OK, You're not OK.

Neocolonialism Objectives for Third World Countries like Pakistan

[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]
Work in Process:
خبردار جو ایمپریس مارکیٹ کی طرح ٹھیلے/پتھارے سے حلال روزی کمائ! انہیں تباہ کر کے تاجِ برطانیہ کا طمطراق واپس لائیں گے: کالے انگریز

ٹیکس چور deserve کرتے ہیں!
آٹوموبیل سیکٹر میں اربوں کے خسارہ کے بعد مہینے میں دس دن کام بند، ایک شفٹ بند، ڈیڑھ لاکھ ملازمتیں ختم

Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2019

آج وطن پرستوں سے مکالمہ
"یہ افغانی ہمارے ملک کا کھاتے ہیں اور سپورٹ افغانستان کو کرتے ہیں۔"
"تماری طرح وہ بھی اللہ کا دیا کھاتے ہیں، اپنی تقدیر کا کھاتے ہیں، کوئی کسی کے حصے کا نہیں کھاتا۔ اللہ کی زمین پر رہتے ہیں، تمہاری ملکیت پر نہیں رہتے۔ جب کوئی پاکستانی برطانیہ، آسٹریلیا، نیوزی لینڈ میں رہ کر وہاں کی شہریت لے کر پاکستانی ٹیم کو سپورٹ کرتا ہے تب تمہارے پیٹ میں مروڑ کیوں نہیں اٹھتی؟"
"لیکن یہ غدار ہیں، یہ ہمارے ملک میں دھشتگردی لائے، منشیات لائے۔ ہم نے ان کو پناہ دی اور یہ اب بھارت کے حواری بن بیٹھے۔"
"دھشتگری امریکی جنگ سے آئی جسے تم اپنی جنگ کہتے نہیں تھکتے ورنہ اس سے پہلے افغان سرحد تمہاری سب سے محفوظ سرحد تھی۔ طالبان تمہاری دوست حکومت تھی جو افغانستان میں امن قائم کر چکی تھی، منشیات کی کاشت ختم کر چکی تھی۔ تم نے نیشنلزم کے نام پر اس دوست ریاست کی بلی چڑھائی اور جب اس کے نتیجے میں امریکی نواز حکومت قائم ہوئی اور اس کا جھکاو بھارت کی طرف ہوا تو تم نے اپنے گریبان میں جھانکنے کی بجائے افغانیوں کو غدار قرار دے دیا۔"
"جاو یار! یہ قوم تو ہے ہی ترقی اور امن سے نفرت کرنے والی۔ اس قوم کو لڑنے کے علاوہ آتا ہی کیا ہے۔ ان سے جان نہیں چھڑائی تو یہ ہمیں بھی پسماندہ کر چھوڑینگے۔"
"لڑائی کی جس صفت کو تم تذلیل کی نظر سے دیکھ رہے ہو یہ صفت تاریخ میں تماری محافظ رہی ہے۔ جس قوم کو تم پسماندہ سمجھ کر تحقیر کا نشانہ بنا رہے ہو اس قوم نے پچھلے ہزار سال درجنوں ریاستیں قائم کی ہیں۔ غزنوی، غوری، خاورزمی، تغلق، لودھی، ابدالی، خلجی، ہندوستان اور وسطی ایشیاء میں اسلام کی تشہیر و حفاظت کا بڑا سہرا ان افغانوں کی اس ہی دلیرانہ صفت کے سر ہے۔ مراٹھوں سے تمہاری جان چھڑانے، برطانیہ کی وسطی ایشیاء میں توسیع روکنے، کمیونسٹوں کی کمر توڑنے میں انہی کا خون ہے۔"
"او جاو یار! میں یہ سب نہیں مانتا۔"
"تمہارے ماننے نہ ماننے سے حقائق تبدیل نہیں ہوتے، صرف تمہاری کم علمی اور تعصب ظاہر ہوتے ہیں۔ تم دوست اور دشمن کا فرق بھول بیٹھے ہو۔ تم امت کا تصور اور تقدیر پر ایمان بھلا بیٹھے ہو ورنہ تم وطن پرست نہ ہوتے۔"

Finally would you believe the founding father Iqbal or some 5th Generation media campaign
بتان رنگ و خوں کو توڑ کر ملت میں گم ہو جا
نہ ایرانی رہے باقی نہ تورانی نہ افغانی

Iqbal's narrative vs  US' 5th Generation warriors' narrative who seemed to have hijacked the so called 
Pakistani 5th Gen warriors agenda. People doing propaganda on behalf of Afghanistan are mostly US/West planted or not shrewd enough to understand neocolonial agenda.  Three countries are targeted by US designs in this region. I feel majority of Afghanis still love and support Pakistan. Similarly majority of Iranians and Turks are also with Pakistan.
Pakistan has been opposing and protesting India's influence in Afghanistan because India is  promoting anti-Pakistan narrative through its several consulates in Afghanistan. Now if some  are promoting anti-Afghani narrative in Pakistan! Then India and those Pakistanis are on the same page as USA. USA wants neither Afghanis nor Pakistanis to have representative government. So such 
people are supporting neocolonialism.
برطانیہ میں جو کچھ ہوا اس کی کئی وجوہات ہیں۔
ان میں سے چند یہ ہیں؛
1) برطانیہ میں جو افغان نسل موجود ہے وہ وہ ہے جس نے اپنے بڑوں کو ، قریبی رشتہ داروں کو پہلے روس کے ساتھ جنگ ، بعد میں جہادیوں کی آپس کی لڑائیوں اور پھر طالبان اور آخر میں امریکیوں کے ہاتھوں مرتے اور تشدد کا شکار ہوتے دیکھا ہے۔ یہ وہ نسل ہے جو پاکستان کو اپنی اس حالت کے لیے ذمہ دار سمجھتی ہے۔ ان کا طرز فکر غلط ہوسکتا ہے لیکن یہ فطری طور پر پاکستان کو ناپسند کرتی ہے۔ 

USA paid Dictator Zia $5.8Bn for inflicting Afghan Jehad in 1980s, and paid Dictator Mush $35Bn for Afghan WoT in 2000s. The resulting wars and civil strife has been going on for the last 40years.

دوسرا پاکستان کے خلاف پورے یورپ بالخصوص برطانیہ میں پی ٹی ایم نے بہت نفرت پھیلائی ہے۔ یہ کام دانستہ اور نادانستہ دونوں طور پر ہوا ہے۔
تیسرا عنصر انڈیا اور دیگر وہ تنظیموں کا جو برطانیہ کی سرزمین سے پاکستان کے خلاف سرگرم عمل ہے ان کا بھی کردار ہے
چوتھا جلتی پر تیل کا کام شعیب اختر جیسے کم ظرف لوگوں نے انجام دیا ہے۔
آپ کا ملک اربوں روپے افغانستان میں رائے عامہ کو اپنے حق میں کرنے کے لیے خرچ کرتا ہے ۔
اب ایسے واقعات کے بعد دو طرز عمل ہوسکتے ہیں۔
یا تو آپ نفرت مو مزید ہوا دے کر اپنے نفس کی تسکین کرلیں یا آپ محبت کرنے والی قوتوں کو اجاگر کرکے نفرت کے سوداگروں اور ان کی پشت پر کھڑے پاکستان کے دشمنوں کا ناکام کرلیں۔
میں نے دوسرا والا کام کیا ہے۔