Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Ausaf Husain

Syed Ausaf Hussain Marhoom: On 18th January, Ausaf Bhai left for heavenly abode. A wrangler in true sense and a man of high principles. The way he carried himself, no one could gauge his true age. I remember sharing an anecdote with us that he once he visited a hakeem. Hakeem sb as per practice took the pulse and said asked what was Ausaf bhai age. Ausaf bhai replied either 72 or 79, I cannot remember. Hakeem sb got furious and said that do not joke and that Ausaf bhai must be in 50's. A solid person on whom you could rely upon in times of need. Irfan, Sara and Khurram can dwell more on Ausaf bhai personality. May Allah grant Jannah to Ausaf bhai and buland his darajats. Ameen

In the words of Ammi Jan (Huzabra Ahsan Hyder) he was internally a very deeply religious  which was not typically visible from outside. His apparent strictness emanated from a very strong adherence to the principles of honesty, commitment to the given word, punctuality, integrity, legal process, prompt action. He would get angry when we would be late, not adhere to the stated plan, or procrastination. He would say out what is in his heart and would call a spade as spade irrespective of whether people will like it or not. His maintenance of records of financial transactions was meticulous. All receivables, payable, receipts, payments records with every party were maintained in an immaculate manner going back to decades. It was a very hard struggle for survival battle that he waged every day after the death of his father. It took him around 20 years to rise from the ranks to the officer level in airforce in 1970, a feat that was achieved only by him in his batch. For this he had to excel in not only operations but also to distinguish himself as a marksman, expert in handheld arms and hand combat, judo and as a commando. His insistence on making everyone understand and remember each and every instruction by repeated reminders is exemplary. This struggle for excellence defined his personality. After retirement he excelled in everything he did. Whether in learning the protocol duties, security business. He had over 100 items published in various newspapers on home security, self security, organizational safety and security issues. He became a member of an international safety and security association and used to subscribe to its monthly magazine which he would read diligently from end to end and apply it in various companies. He was among the early adopters of technology. He professionally started using his email much before others. He was using PowerPoint in late 1990s. He had a blackberry and was using group sms. I learned how to use sms for eid baqreid messages. He had a functional website much before I made one....

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