Sunday, April 25, 2021

Imran Khan's Tabdeeli- Change Management and BPR

IK got elected on the slogan of "tabdeeli" (change). He doesn't know ABC of change management or how BPR (Businesses Process Reengineering) achieves substantial and visible "tabdeeli". BPR is about reducing the complexity of Inter departmental processes by eliminating 60-80% steps and increasing efficiency by up to 80%, and resulting in substantial reduction of corruption as seen in CNIC process of NADRA, passport process or CDC system for share purchase and sale processes. Following are the steps of Change Management that IK did not know and did not do because he didn't have anyone in his team like MIT graduate Dr Umar Saif who was expert of process changes.
  1. Focus on few (5-10 or 20) concrete BPR Inter departmenal projects that can be completed in a couple of years with concrete visible change parameters and impacting large number of people.
  2. Identification and empowerment of change agents from within the existing departments involved in the selected concrete processes.
  3. Training and Development of change participants of those processes.
  4. Managing change resistance. Don't threaten employees/bureaucracy and create more resistance. Create a critical mass of change agents instead of creating mass protesters.
  5. Study process linkages and automate the linkages (eg birth certificate issuance by UCs integration with CNIC issuance at NADRA)
  6. End to end process automation.
  7. Celebrate Small wins and promote successful change agents
  8. Create a critical mass of change agents and change projects in each ministry.
  9. Create a virtuous cycle of positive change information communication instead of daily polemics of negative blames and threatening of mafias
He could have started with the e-Registrar office for automation and online availability of all land records and could have successfully completed the project which was well on its way to completion.

Unfortunately the task of civil reforms entrusted to Dr Ishrat Husain focused on organizational structures instead of inter-departmental processes. This approach was bound to fail as similar 25+ past such efforts over the last 70 years have failed. Organizational structures are meant to support processes. The focus should have been processes instead of structures. We don't fit processes to structures. Actually you get rid of obsolete structures to fit lean smart end to end processes. However, this wisdom is beyond the typical bureaucratic thought process. For them change is about structures, not processes 😥

The above change steps are from Michael Hammer's BPR Handbook. This is what Dr Umar was doing with land records automation and eStamp papers, schools centralized attendance monitoring system for teachers and students, supply chain monitoring of medicines from manufacturers to dispensaries of hospitals, dengue/epidemic /pandemic monitoring dashboards in UCs and their centralized monitoring etc.

I have been teaching and using this change management strategy for last 25 years at various organizations.

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