Sunday, July 28, 2019

Can Corruption Problem be Solved by Hanging a Few Thousands?

کیا 5 ہزار کو لٹکانے سے کرپشن سے نجات ملے گی؟ انقلاب فرانس 40 ہزار مارے، انقلاب روس 20 ملین مارے: کوئی افاقہ،  بہتری، حل نہ ہوا!
1. Nations that forget history are forgotten by history. History tells us that mass killings, mass purges, indiscriminate hanging of suspects has never solved any problem for any nation. Whether it was French Revolution in 1789, or Russian Revolution in 1917, or Iranian Revolution in 1979. Several despots has tried this recipe and have failed miserably.
2. We in Pakistan mus remember that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
3. Also note that 60,000 were killed in Iranian revolution + millions killed in Iran-Iraq war imposed by USA as a revenge for revolution. Nothing got sorted out.
4. I first wrote about sentiments of hanging people and French revolution years ago  in the blogpost during Panama Case when they were clamoring for retribution with off-with-their-heads slogans

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