Sunday, September 22, 2019

Psychology of Sweeping Generalizations

کیا سب چور ہیں
اگر آپ کو ہر انسان غلط لگ رہا ہے تو پھر یہ دیکھیں کہ کہیں آپ تو غلط نہیں
This is a basic principle. A person who is a habitual liar can not concieve of any one except being liar. This is the problem with sweeping generalizations. If someone claims that "everyone" is corrupt then (1) "everyone' also includes him and the person making the claim must by definition also be corrupt, (2) not only that but the sweeping generalization also indicates the person's psychological state where his mind is corrupted to an extent that he can't find even a single person in the whole country (200million+) who is not corrupt! The latter is a more problematic psychological state. Hence,
جھوٹے کو سب جھوٹے لگتے ہیں، دھوکہ باز کو سب دھوکہ باز لگتے ہیں، وعدہ خلاف کو سب لوگ uTurn کرتے ہوئے نظر آتے ہیں, اور چور کو ساری عوام چور نظر آتی ہے

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