Monday, September 30, 2019

Javier Poncela-Professor from Malaga Spain who Taught us Selfless International Collaboration

Very sad. It was very sad to learn that Dr. Javier Poncela, a Professor at the University of Malaga, Spain had passed away. Dr Poncela was a well known personality in the electrical engineering departments of the universities of Sindh. He became a popular academician in Pakistani community and was routinely invited for the conferences in Pakistan and he too invited and hosted several professors and students in conferences in Spain. He supervised numerous PhD and MS Pakistani students in Pakistan and at Spain. He had played a pivotal role in many European Union Projects in Pakistan including Erasmus Mundus.

Great mentor for many. He was instrumental in teaching us how to establish great international relationships. He was supervisor to many Pakistani students and was instrumental in creating deep relationships with many universities. Spent Spring 2013 semester at IoBM on a European Funding. During this time, Ms Seema Ansari started working on her PhD with him. She later also went for a few times to Malaga Spain and spent months there working with Professor Malaga.

I met him several times in Pakistan. I also met him in Malaga, Spain on November 20-21, 2017. I arrived in afternoon around 3pm and he was at train station to receive me and settle me at a hotel. He arranged and hosted my stay. Then he took me for a visit to the hill on which there is the Malaga Fort. A genuine gentleman, always ready to help. The next day I paid a visit to his office at the University of Malaga. There I met with his colleague and researcher.

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