Sunday, September 22, 2019

Case Study of Economic Hitmen of 2018 Pakistan

[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]
DoN Godfather Saqib Nisar n NAB led this government as Economic Hitmen: Their witch hunt of greatly respected Dr Saeed Akhtar PKLIC, Dr Ismail Shah PTA, Dr Umar Saif PITB, Engr Imran Shaikh PSO and others represent very carefully selected targets to create a mass disillusionment of leading professionals in public and private sector and stultify the fundamentals of infrastructure growth and maturity.
  • Dr Saeed Akhtar was hit because of his leadership in health sector, his great respect in medical professionals and his deep links in the philanthropic expatriate resourceful community of doctors in USA and West.
  • Dr Ismail Shah was selected to cripple and stultify the technical bureaucracy and highly qualified professionals in private sector working in telecommunications sector.
  • Dr Umar Saif was selected as a target based on his excellent e-Government initiatices in public infrastructure for e-stamps, e-property registrations, e-monitoring of public education schools, teachers as well as public health and hospitals and e-tracking of medicines supply chain, dengue control dashboard connected with all government hospitals providing instantaneous figures, etc. Each such initiative was instrumental in providing efficiency in government and improving service delivery, and was being acquired and implemented in other provinces.
  • Engr Imran Shaikh was selected because of his great respect in engineering sector and his commendable achievements. His humiliation at the hands of DoN PCO Judge Saqib Nisar was a perfect hit to demoralize the energy sector professionals who tirelessly worked to overcome the severe energy shortages of 20 hours loadshedding in 2013 to energy surplus in 2018

Work In Process:
  • Economic hit on infrastructure of roads, motorways, Metropolitan mass transit......
  • Economic hit on large scale manufacturing through the narrative of castigating and destroying the base of 80% revenues.....
  • Economic hit on infrastructure of micro and small enterprises of shanty shops, hawkers, پتھارے,....
  • Economic hit on infrastructure of philanthropic social service in the absence and abdication of government social services such as......

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