Sunday, December 23, 2018

How to Eliminate Corruption in Pakistan: Simplicity and Transparency of Bureaucratic Procedures

Corruption is directly proportional to the complexity of  bureaucratic procedures and is inversely proportional to the transparency of bureaucratic procedures. The bureaucratic procedures are being made more complicated (eg. even a pencil purchase requires approval) and censorship is being imposed, which will further decrease transparency and will thus increase corruption. For a perfectly transparent process, Each and every step of the bureaucratic procedure must be transparent and visible on government websites for all cases without exception. All decisions for all cases must be visible to all.
Corruption is also dependent upon the bureaucratic paradigm: All developed countries with less corruption operate on the basis of "innocent unless proven guilty" paradigm. Hence their processes are simple and decision making is devolved and delegated to the operational level.
In Pakistan our operating bureaucratic paradigm is "guilty unless proven innocent". This is exemplified by the cjp's comment that even a "purchase of pencil will require judicial approval". With this paradigm, the bureaucratic processes become more hierarchical, centralized, slow and complicated. We are therefore destined to see the realization of our "self fulfilled prophecies" about corruption. Corruption will increase, not decrease. Hence, "guilty unless proven innocent" will only cause increase of corruption.  It will cause rate for bribe to increase.

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