Sunday, May 20, 2018

How Corruption is being Eliminated in Pakistan since 1950s: Corruption as a Ruse to Maintain Status Quo

Sustained Elimination of Corruption since 1950s. All thanks to CJPs and our patriotic forces:
The corruption was first eliminated in 1951 when Liaquat Ali Khan was terminated and then corruption was eliminated by removing Khwaja Nazimuddin in 1953.
Corruption was again eliminated in 1954 when the Molvi Tameezuddin assembly was dismissed. The patriotic elimination of corruption was then institutionalized in 1955 with Patriot Chief Justice Munir's Doctrine of Necessity (DoN) and its ratification of dissolution of assembly. Corruption was repeatedly eliminated by Patriot Gen Iskandar Mirza for as many as 4+ times from 1956-58 under the watchful eyes of Patriot-in-Chief, CJP Munir. Then came patriot Gen Ayub and imposed Martial Law to eliminate corruption again with the blessings of CJP Munir invoking the DoN. Corruption was then eliminated by Gen Ayub for 11 long years from 1958 to 1969. Then Gen Yahya Khan came in 1969 to eliminate corruption and eventually eliminated it with his blitzkrieg surgical removal and amputation of the corruption filled half on 16th December 1971. CJP's patriotic DoN again ratified Patriot Gen Yahya's corruption elimination rule.
Then Patriot Gen Zia, amir ul momineen, came and eliminated corruption by hanging ZAB and continued elimination of corruption from 1977 to 1988 for 11 years. He was ably supported by the patriotic CJP's DoN in this corruption elimination effort.  Then Patriot Gen Beg with still more patriotic GIK jointly removed corruption when BB1 was removed in 1990.  Then it was the turn of Patriot Gen Kakar with long term Patriot GIK to eliminate corruption by removing NS1 in 1993.  Then it was the turn of Patriot Gen Karamat with Patriot Farooq Laghari to eliminate corruption by removing BB2 in 1996.  

In came Patriot Gen Musharraf and eliminated corruption by removing NS2 in 1999 and continued the elimination of corruption for 9 long years from 1999 till 2008. Then again PCO CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry, another worthy patriot, worked tirelessly to remove corruption from PIA,  Pakistan Steel and Rekodiq using the lightening rod of suo-motto notices.  He finally eliminated corruption by disqualifying Yusuf Raza Gilani in 2012. It was then the turn of another honorable PCO CJP, a true patriot, to eliminate corruption in 2017 by disqualifying NS3 in a land mark judgement that will be remembered for hundreds of years. He is tirelessly eliminating the corruption since July 2017 with his bold Suomoto decisions. His land mark decisions have succeeded in eliminating corruption from courts that are now free of corruption and the backlog of cases is now negligible, he has cleansed schools and  universities of corruption and reformed the boards and education departments. His corruption removal from a number of mafias is exemplary. He has reined in the mafia controlling sugar industry and has instilled fear in the hearts of other mafia; food packaging misleading mafia,  milk adulteration mafia, water tanker mafia,  land mafia, garbage mafia, and scores of other mafias across the country. All these areas are now crystal clear in their operations. He has ensured that all corrupt people are removed from assemblies and has controlled the corrupt affairs of provincial governments in Punjab especially, and in KPK, Sindh and Balochistan through a relentless drive to improve efficiency, increase transparency and now all government services are available without any corruption,..... . His crowning achievement has been to convict and to disqualify from business and politics all of the 500 corrupt people named in the Panama papers! His impartiality in ensuring that the justice is not only done but seen to be done is exemplary. 

Whew! With such sustained elimination of corruption since 1950s, Pakistan is now as clean and as clear as a crystal!!
The envy of the world and the paragon of nations!
Now the future is bright as the political space is now left with only the righteous and sagacious and SC certified Sadiq and Ameen. All corrupt having been disqualified for life or are in the process of being terminated or exterminated.