Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why no PM of Pakistan has ever completed his/her tenure?

All elected PM's in Pakistan starting from Liaquat Ali Khan were never allowed by establishment to rule during their tenure. Whereas there were three military dictators who comfortably ruled for around decades, not a single PM has been allowed to complete their five years terms. 
Not a single PM has ever completed his/her full tenure! 19 PMs in 70 years of our history till 2017.

Why can't the establishment and real status quo allow even one PM to start n complete his/her constitutional mandate? 
What are they afraid of?
Why PMs are perpetually fighting for their survival?
Civilian PM's rule have been mired by perpetual series of destabilization tactics. Foremost among them have been allegations of corruption. However, in not a single military dictatorship even one such allegation had been proved despite the presence of the entire government machinery with the dedicators.  This seems to suggest that the persistent allegations of corruptions have been a tool not to all the public opinion leaders to consolidate their hold on resources. The status quo forces has thus thwarted the realization of the people power to rule. 

I think youth needs some real study of pakistan's history. 

PS: Note i am not pro NS or BB. Just pro constitution.

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